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"Education is not the learning of many facts, but the training of the mind to think."
-Albert Einstein
See 9th and 10th Grade Class pages (at the bottom of this screen) for weekly lesson plans.
Class Schedule:
1st Period - 10th Grade English
2nd Period - 10th Grade English
3rd Period - 10th Grade English
4th Period - 10th Grade English
5th Period - 9th Grade English (B Lunch)
6th Period - Planning
7th Period - 9th Grade English
Class Remind 9th Grade: 
Text @b4ab67 to 81010
Class Remind 10th Grade: 
Text @d3khe to 81010

Class Notebooks


Each of my students will need either a composition notebook or a spiral notebook for class every day. These notebooks will be checked at least once per 9 weeks for a test grade. Maintaining a notebook will ensure that students have material to study for tests and quizzes, and should be an easy test grade 4 times throughout the school year!


P.S. I may do random notebook checks throughout the school year for extra credit points…



Both 9th and 10th grade students will be given five vocabulary words every Monday. These words come from a list of commonly used words on the SAT. There will be a quiz every Friday over the 5 words from that week, and the 5 words from the week before (for a total of 10 words per quiz). Make sure you look over these words on your own! We will only go over them as a class once (on Mondays), so it is your responsibility to have them written in your notebook and to know the words and definitions for the quiz Friday.
Words on your Vocabulary Quiz this Friday (10/4)
Noxious (adj.) - very harmful
Bilk (v.) - to cheat someone out of money
Replete (adj.) - well-supplied with something
Blasphemy (n.) - profane talk about holy or sacred things
Absolution (n.) - formal release from guilt or punishment
Cantankerous (adj.) - argumentative and uncooperative
Deride (v.) - to verbally rip apart
Debacle (n.) - a disaster
Temerity (n.) - excessive or foolish boldness
Ennui (n.)(pronounced "in-we") - dissatisfaction or exhaustion caused by boredom