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Mrs. Tracy Madden » Classroom Procedures and Expectations

Classroom Procedures and Expectations

Take care of water and bathroom responsibilities before the tardy bell. Each student should be in his/her seat when the tardy bell rings and working on the assignment. Cell phones and other technology items should be put away at the bell and remain put away during the class period unless special permission has been given by the teacher.
Students will be able to leave the classroom ONLY in emergency situations. Each student will be issued THREE (3) hall passes to be used during the semester.  In order to leave the classroom, you must use one of your issued passes. 
You should expect to have homework every class period. It is highly recommended that you complete your homework assignments every day.  Homework quizzes/checks will occur often during the semester.  Late homework is NOT accepted.
Announced and unannounced quizzes will be given during the semester. By completing your homework and keeping up in class, you should be prepared for these quizzes.  Announced tests will be given after several lessons have been covered.
When you are absent, check with a classmate or the website for assignments that you missed. Make sure to get any worksheets that were handed out in class. Make up work is your responsibility. You have a maximum of five days from the date you return to make up work. Any work not made up within five days will be recorded as a ‘0’.

Help is available by appointment. Plan accordingly!