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Mrs. Tracy Madden » Advanced Algebra

Advanced Algebra

The Google Classroom app will be used in the event we need to return to an online classroom model with everyone learning from home. Please join the Google Classroom for your class by using the code listed below for your class period.
          1st period       psfk6tw  
          2nd period    kddm7ud
          3rd period     6gev7wy
          4th period     z6crwnd
          5th period     bxhuzsg 
          7th period     v352cyr  
I use the Remind app to send out important information or reminders, and it is also a great way to communicate with me. Please join the Remind app by using the code listed below for your class period.  You can also text @(yourclasscode) to 81010 to receive Remind text messages.
          1st period      aa24p1
          2nd period   aa24p2
          3rd period    aa24p3
          4th period    aa24p4
          5th period    aa24p5
          7th period    aa24p7
These supplies should be brought to class each day. 

Supply List

   3-ring Binder (1 or 1 1/2 inches)

   Notebook Paper

   Pencils with Erasers – No. 2

   Calculator –TI-30XS Multiview

Supplies of occasional use:  Graphing Paper...either search “graph paper” and print in grayscale or purchase a small amount, Colored Pencil and/or Highlighters, 6 or 12 in ruler

For your Math course, grades are determined as follows:
• Assessments (Tests): 60%
• Daily (Quizzes, Tickets, Daily Work): 40%