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Student Resources

school ID
Need to request a school ID?
Click HERE to complete the
school ID request form.
 Student Account Access Information - ClassLink
ClassLink Log In Steps:
1. Evans High School Website > ClassLink icon
2. Sign in using "ADFS"
3. Enter username and password
Student Username: [email protected]
Student Password: unique to student
google classroom
Need Help With Google Classroom?
Student Account Reset Request
Attention Students: By completing this request, you are authorizing for your password to be reset.
With this request, you will have ONE password for the following digital tools: ClassLink, Microsoft 365, G-Suite Tools (Google Classroom, Drive, etc.) Student Portal, and Student Wi-Fi.
Please note: this can take up to 48 hours after the request is submitted by the student
for the password reset information to be sent and completed.