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School Counselors

The EHS Counseling Department empowers students to reach their highest potential focusing on academic, career, social and emotional success.
thompson rogers cason bolick anderson-flite
Counselor for Students with Last Names A-C
Counselor for Students with Last Names D-H
Counselor for Students with Last Names I-K
and 504/Gifted
Counselor for Students with Last Names L-Q
Counselor for Students with Last Names R-Z
Email Contact list for EHS School Counselors
Ms. Thompson:   regina.thompson@ccboe.net
Ms. Rogers:   alisa.rogers@ccboe.net
Ms. Cason:   dana.cason@ccboe.net
Ms. Bolick:   jean.bolick@ccboe.net
Ms. Anderson-Flite:   canderson-flite@ccboe.net
Student Advisement 
Seniors: September 14th-30th
*While we would prefer to have in-person Advisement, this will not be possible at this time because of COVID-19 regulations. If you are an A/B student and you need to have a face to face appointment, please still sign up on the Calendly link provided below, but instead of attending the google meet, report to Guidance during your assigned time. Schedule your appointment during your lunch or an elective class so that you do not miss any academic instructional time.*
Please sign up through the Calendly link below to make your Advisement appointment with your Counselor. 

(A-C) Mrs. Thompson: Student Appointment

(D-H) Ms. Rogers: Student Appointment

(I-K) Mrs. Cason: Student Appointment

(L-Q) Mrs. Bolick: Student Appointment

(R-Z) Mrs. Anderson-Flite: Student Appoinment


Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshman dates to be announced
Senior Advisement Video Presentation: Click HERE to watch the video
Once you have viewed the video, please click the link below for verification:
EHS Counseling Department
Julie Bedgood
Counseling Secretary
706-863-1198 ext. 4021
Counseling Fax: 706-854-5808