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General Information
***Sra. Johnson's Schedule:                                                        Available for tutoring:
1st Period - Spanish 3                                                            After school, if not in a meeting.
2nd Period - Spanish 3     
3rd Period -  Spanish 3                                                                When to come for re-takes:
4th Period -  AP Spanish/Spanish 4                                                                   
5th Period -  Planning                                                                    During lunch, after school         
6th Period -  Spanish 1                            
7th Period -  Spanish 3                                                                   Fastest way to reach me:
  **Subject to change                                                                           [email protected]
***Note that the information given in the welcome video above is still accurate, though notes and vocabulary will only be found on Google Classroom. In the video, it says you may find those things on the website too, but they will only be found on GC. 
Google Classroom
First Semester:
1st period:  4wunxcn
2nd period: h66se3b 
3rd period:  hwktuf7
4th period:  zxrd4da (AP)
4th period:  twrrpj5 (S4)
6th period: o2pnwx3
7th period: zuwngjq
Sociedad:   zhw7vw2 
Second Semester:
1st period:  
3rd period:   
4th period:   
5th period:  
6th period:   
7th period:   
Sociedad:  zhw7vw2  
Remind Codes 
Spanish 1: @gebc9h4
Spanish 2: @4748ab
Spanish 3: @a9aa48
Spanish 4:  @8dkfcg 
AP Spanish: @44deb
Sociedad:  @a9aa4845
Hm 11-3: @agef8g779e