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Business Communications-BMAT205 41 205 Assignments

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Group Project - Business Presentation in Google Classroom

Group Project - Business Presentation


Work in group of 2-3; Follow the attached document for purpose and format for the presentation. Be creative and work as a team to develop the presentation. 

Goals of this Assignment: 

Master presentation
software to create, edit, publish, and deliver professional-appearing
business presentations.

9.1 Manage the
presentation by adjusting views, manipulating presentation, configuring quick
access toolbar, and presentation file options.

9.2 Create
professional slide presentation by constructing and editing a photo album,
changing slide orientation settings, adding and deleting slides, formatting
slides, entering and editing text, and formatting text box.

9.3 Apply graphical
and multimedia elements to presentation by manipulating graphical elements,
images, clip art, shapes, WordArt, SmartArt, and editing video and audio

9.4 Create charts and
tables within a presentation by constructing, modifying, and inserting a
table and a chart, and applying and manipulating table and chart elements and

9.5 Apply transitions
and animations to the presentation by selecting and manipulating built-in and
custom animation, applying effect and path options, applying and modifying
transitions between slides.

9.6 Prepare and
deliver presentation by applying knowledge to save, share, print, and protect
the presentation by applying presentation tools, setting-up a slide show,
setting presentation timing, and recording the presentation.

Demonstrate presentation skills by creating well-organized, audience-appropriate
presentations such as informative, entertaining, instructional, etc., using
proper public speaking techniques.
Created by Berry Harmon: Thursday, January 18 9:45 AM


Bell Ringer - Social Media Part II in Google Classroom

Bell Ringer - Social Media Part II

Using your research from earlier this week, focus on the 10 companies you
chose. Pick three of the  companies' social media
use, write a paragraph describing the

• Target audience (who is it directed at?) 
• Purpose of message (why are they
using that social media?)   

Complete assignment on Google Doc or Slide and submit. 
Created by Berry Harmon: Wednesday, January 10 11:54 AM


Bell Ringer - Social Media in Google Classroom

Bell Ringer - Social Media

Research online and create a report*
about use of social media by business. 
• Why do businesses use social media? 
• What are the pros/cons of social media use for
• What is brand awareness/how can social media be
useful for this? 
• Name 10 companies that use social media and how
they use it 
• Which of the 10 companies you found did it best?   

Create an Infographic or Slide sharing your discoveries. 
Created by Berry Harmon: Tuesday, January 9 11:53 AM


Shark Tank Friday in Google Classroom

Shark Tank Friday


Watch the video attached and use the worksheet to answer the questions!
Created by Berry Harmon: Friday, January 5 11:57 AM


Thank You Letter in Google Classroom

Thank You Letter

Today, We're back from the Holiday Break! Hopefully, your time was spent well and with the important people in your life. Reflect on that time, think of that one person who made a nice gesture for you. Big or small. 

Take this time to write them a Thank you letter. In the business world, it is still a nice gesture to write thank you letters. It shows that you appreciate what the person provided and you made time to express gratitude. 

This is a good practice to work on those skills. This is also for a grade and should be completed today. 

See attached document for writing example. Microsoft Office submission is preferred.
Created by Berry Harmon: Thursday, January 4 12:34 PM


Business Communication Review in Google Classroom

Business Communication Review

Created by Berry Harmon: Friday, December 8 11:52 AM


Business Dress Etiquette in Google Classroom

Business Dress Etiquette

Created by Berry Harmon: Friday, December 8 11:52 AM


PowerPoint Basics in Google Classroom

PowerPoint Basics

Created by Berry Harmon: Wednesday, November 29 12:39 PM


Macy's Thanksgiving Parade in Google Classroom

Macy's Thanksgiving Parade


Please review the following project page and begin your group project. 

The first part is creating a page for which company you are going to advertise for. The Thanksgiving Parade gives organizations the audience to showcase their product, service or cause. 

Secondly, create a PowerPoint presentation with the slides detailed on the assignment page. 

Use an actual company that you would promote or endorse. Use the link included to get an idea of what the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade is all about!



Please work ingroup of two maximum!
Created by Berry Harmon: Tuesday, October 31 11:46 AM


Oh the Places We'll Go... in Google Classroom

Oh the Places We'll Go...

Review document attached and work on project detailing your dream outside of country visit. See the attached PPT example for inspiration.

Pick a Country/Location outside of the United States of America!
Created by Berry Harmon: Thursday, October 12 11:41 AM


Chapter Three Vocabulary in Google Classroom

Chapter Three Vocabulary

Please define each vocabulary word and submit.
Created by Berry Harmon: Thursday, October 5 11:44 AM


Icebreaker! in Google Classroom


If you could be a character on Sesame Street, who would you be and why? 

(Please include a picture of the character).
Created by Berry Harmon: Wednesday, October 4 12:34 PM


Grammar Practice in Google Classroom

Grammar Practice


You've heard the phrase, "Communication is Key!"...

Surprisingly, people forget that grammar is a key element of communication sometimes...Set yourself apart with proper grammar skills!

Let's take a few minutes to review the "Does Grammar Matter?" video. 

There is an interactive assignment attached to this module that will allow you to brush up on those grammar skills from your elementary and middle school days!!!

There is a worksheet that will allow you to record your scores/responses for the website included in this assignment. Please the entire instructions.
Created by Berry Harmon: Monday, September 25 11:37 AM


One Minute Commercial  in Google Classroom

One Minute Commercial

Created by Berry Harmon: Thursday, September 21 11:33 AM


Apple vs the EU: The War of USB-C in Google Classroom

Apple vs the EU: The War of USB-C

Review the article below and watch the attached video:


Answer the following questions: 

What are the main reason(s) that the EU (European Union) wanted Apple to switch it's proprietary charging port (Lightning) to USB-C?

How does this switch affect consumers as a whole?

Is a government entity well within its right to force a tech company to change their product?

How would you respond to this if Columbia County or the State of Georgia wanted you to change something about your business (hypothetically) or, say, your family business (if applicable)?
Created by Berry Harmon: Thursday, September 14 11:36 AM


Apple Product Launch (Ticket in the Door) in Google Classroom

Apple Product Launch (Ticket in the Door)


Review the latest announcements for Apple regarding the iPhone 15 lineup, Apple Watch and accessories...

Answer the following questions:

What are some new features of the iPhone 15 lineup and how do the new features add to one's user experience?
What is a feature of the new products that directly impact the environment?
If you could give Apple (constructive) feedback on their products and services, what would it be? How would you as a business leader solve that problem?
Created by Berry Harmon: Wednesday, September 13 11:35 AM


The Microwave Project.  in Google Classroom

The Microwave Project.


Use the document attached and review the questions provided. Answer the questions and share back with teacher for review. 

These questions should spark conversation about how your department impacts the product and what you need from other departments to be successful. 

Send a member of each team to gather and/or provide information to other departments.
Created by Berry Harmon: Tuesday, September 12 11:32 AM


The Best Communication Ever! in Google Classroom

The Best Communication Ever!

Think of a time when you receive the best communication from someone or group (focus on the method in which you received it - i.e. phone, Zoom, FaceTime, text, etc.)...how was it communicated to you (tone and expression)? Why was it the best or most impact (how did the exchange make you feel)? 

Example(s) - You heard a speaker recently and the info spoke directly to you and charged you to do more in life; You had a great discussion with a best friend and you felt like the they truly cared about you!

Write a summary about the interaction or communication (trust me, you don't have to bare your soul)? 

This is more of an exercise about effective communication and how it impacted you! Thank you for sharing! :-)
Created by Berry Harmon: Wednesday, September 6 7:34 AM


Forms of Communication in Google Classroom

Forms of Communication

Complete the attached slides by filling the answers (please make a copy). Once filled out, submit answer slides in Google Sheets or PowerPoint. 
Created by Berry Harmon: Tuesday, September 5 7:37 AM


Apple Product Launch in Google Classroom

Apple Product Launch

Watch the Video about Apple's Most Recent Product releases. In terms of the presentation, answer the following questions:

What products and/or services were presented?
What did you notice about HOW the products/services were presented?
How does Apple differentiate itself from other products?
What did you notice about the presenters in the video?
What made their communication about new technologies effective?
Created by Berry Harmon: Monday, August 28 11:22 AM


Chapter One Assignments in Google Classroom

Chapter One Assignments


Ch. 1

the following assignments for Ch. 1 in a new document.

may hand write or use the computer to key your answers and save in Google

formatting to differentiate between Sections and question items. You only need to write the
answers, not the question. Use the book to help you answer the questions. Be
sure to use the terms, etc. in the book.

●      Page 10 – Section 1.1
Applications – A

●      Page 20 – Section 1.2
Applications – A

●      Page 26 – Section 1.3
Applications – A

●      Page 29 – Chapter
Applications – A, B, C, D

●      Page 30 – Case Studies – A, B

all Ch. 1 Assignments are complete, upload your document to assignment in the
Google Classroom and click “Turn in”
Created by Berry Harmon: Tuesday, August 22 11:24 AM


Chapter One Vocabulary in Google Classroom

Chapter One Vocabulary

Use the digital copy of the chapter to find the definitions and HANDWRITE them on your own paper. Upload pictures of the terms and definitions to the assignment in GC.
Created by Berry Harmon: Monday, August 14 9:28 AM


Feedback from Presentations - Apple vs. Samsung in Google Classroom

Feedback from Presentations - Apple vs. Samsung

Write a paragraph with feedback for the opposing group's argument about Apple vs. Samsung. 

What did you like/enjoy? What could they have done differently? Which facts were new to you? 
Created by Berry Harmon: Monday, August 21 11:26 AM


Communication Barriers in Google Classroom

Communication Barriers

Complete the Slides page (Identify the types of barriers within Communication and explain how each type of barriers can be resolved). 
Created by Berry Harmon: Thursday, August 17 11:24 AM


Who are You? in Google Classroom

Who are You?

in this assignment, you will answer the question...who are you? 

In Business (especially during the interview process), employers and prospective business partners will want to get to know you. You may only have a few minutes to describe yourself....

In this assignment, I will be looking for you to show and describe what makes you, YOU, through pictures and words.

You will have time on Thursday and Friday to work on this assignment and it will be due on Monday, August 14th. 

As the assignment states, be as creative as possible!!! 

See attached assignment for details!
Created by Berry Harmon: Thursday, August 10 7:27 AM