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ACT, SAT, & Higher Ed.

ACT & SAT Information


Students who are interested in attending college after high school may need to take a college entrance exam like the SAT or ACT. Some colleges are test optional, meaning the exams are not required for admissions. However, the scores reported may be used in the post-secondary admissions process. Although the college you are interested in attending may not require the exam, scores are good for several years and can be used later if you decide to take a gap year or attend college later in life.


A good time to take these exams is in the spring of junior year or the summer before senior year begins. At the very latest, a student should take an exam early in the fall semester of their senior year. This way, there will be other opportunities to take the test again, if needed.


Registration is online, and payments are made directly to the testing organization.


Obtaining testing accommodations under an IEP is a very lengthy process, so start early!


Students who qualify for free or reduced price school meals may qualify for a fee waiver for the ACT or SAT. Please contact your EHS counselor for more information about this.


Check out the websites below for specific information about the ACT and SAT.