outside picture of students walking

Important Message from EHS Principal Mr. Johnson


Dear Parents,

Please take this opportunity to sit down with your child and speak with them directly and candidly with them about the appropriate use of their electronic devices and social media platforms. The latest social media challenges that are going viral have landed several of our youth in trouble with the Columbia County School System (EHS) and with the Columbia County Sheriff's Office. 

Most of our students who have been involved with these offenses have done so because they think it is fun or cool to do these things to get recognition on social media. Many of these challenges are asking our children to commit crimes that can result in them being removed from school and facing criminal charges that will stay on their permanent records. 

Social media is preying on today's youth. Please join me and your local school’s mission of taking our children back by teaching them to think for themselves and not to just follow the crowd based on the fleeting gratification that a few likes on social media may bring. I urge to you to have a serious conversation with your children to stop them from potentially falling victim to the false promise of social media recognition. 

This is truly an epidemic with our youth, and we need your help to begin the process of turning these trends around.


Thank you,

Principal Johnson