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Atasha Parker Mathematics Room 280

Welcome! You have been selected to participate in a collaborative classroom—a classroom where knowledge is SHARED.  Research shows that learning takes place more effectively when students use dialogue and discuss different strategies or perspectives to become knowledgeable independent learners. 

Class Schedule

1st Period  Analytic Geometry                  

2nd Period Analytic Geometry                 

3rd Period Analytic Geometry                

4th Period Analytic Geometry   

5th Period Analytic Geometry               

6th Period      PLANNING            

7th Period Analytic Geometry Support               

Text the codes to 81010  
1st Period Analytic Geometry CODE:  @aec8279c3d
2nd Period Analytic Geometry CODE:  @4988ga8g73
3rd Period Analytic Geometry CODE:  @3ad8c4caf8
4th Period Analytic Geometry CODE: @a2h7a38e28
5th Period Analytic Geometry CODE: @9khkffak8e

--Notebook (3ring binder 1.5"+)                               --Notebook Paper                                       

--Pencils & Erasers                                                    --Colored Pencils and highlighters

--Scientific Calclulator TI30XS MultiView