outside picture of students walking

US History and AP Economics with Mr. Borders

Below is the Google Classroom page join codes for my classes.  The Google Classroom pages have been created in case of school closure or if a student has to miss extended time from.
AP Econ Google Classroom Page code
     Micro:  gsopnlm
     Macro:  uulpd3l
US History Google Classroom Page codes
     2nd Period:  33shf4p
     3rd Period:  2jqdwfm
     4th Period:  qrtdoxv
     5th Period:  xlinckc
     6th Period:  c5uae3y
For all of the above classes, students will need a three-ring binder (1/2" is good), paper, and something to write with. 
The grading scale for each class is the same:
     Formative/Other (Anything not a Unit Test)         30%
     *Summative Assessments (Unit Test)                 70%
*Students will be allowed a re-take of summative assessments.