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Mr. Marvin Marshall » Mr. Marvin Marshall - EBD Teacher

Mr. Marvin Marshall - EBD Teacher

Emotional Behavior Disorder (EBD) Program 
Our mission is to provide high-quality academic and behavioral support for students, with the belief that all students will learn through:
The Emotional Behavior Disorder Program is committed to providing individualized support to promote positive
social & academic growth with the goal to be productive members of society. 
We believe that every child has the potential to become a productive member of society.
We believe that every child deserves access to a quality education that meets their unique & individual needs.
We value quality standards-based instruction that allows students to attain academic excellence through the use of
collaboration across the curriculum.
We value responsible, socially acceptable behavior, and believe that students can learn these behaviors through
classroom instruction & practical experience.
Students will return to their LRE with success by demonstrating a decrease of interfering behaviors. 
Students will develop coping skills to enable them to self-manage stressors in their environment.
Students will demonstrate academic success by closing achievement gaps as indicated through state/local assessments.
Students will demonstrate socially acceptable relationships with peers/staff at school.
Teachers 2023-2024
Mr. Marshall
Mr. Mitchell
Critical Issues
Career Planning

The curriculum for our 1st Period Critical Issues class this year will be from the School-Connect text for boosting Social, Emotional & Academic skills and the Career Planning text published by AGS Publishing. Over the course of both semesters, we will explore different career fields and learn the skills needed to be successful in the workplace. With this curriculum, we hope our students will develop a career plan that they can carry with them through graduation into their professional lives after high school.