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Hey! I am Ms. Plumlee! I am so excited to get to know you! Math is my favorite subject, and I would like it to be yours, too! This is my 23th year teaching at Evans, and every year I get to know the most wonderful young people and help them develop a fondness for math -- so fun!!
I will encourage you to do your best, and show you all the tips and tricks I have learned over the years to make math a positive experience for you!      Let's go!          
1st Period: Adv. Algebra (A): uux2jji
2nd Period: Adv. Algebra (B): srdkkjt
3rd Period: Adv. Algebra (A): og6h6uf
4th Period: Adv. Algebra (B): dfc2uu7
5th Period: Adv. Algebra (B): r4bfsh4
6th Period: PLANNING
7th Period: Adv. Algebra (A): gfek5rf
Remind Codes:  to 81010
Adv. Algebra (A) (1st) Period:  @1-24aaamp
Adv. Algebra (B)  (2nd) Period: @2-24aabmp
Adv. Algebra (A) (3th) Period:  @3-24aaamp
Adv. Algebra (B) (4th) Period:  @4-24aabmp
Adv. Algebra (B) (5th) Period:  @5-24aabmp
Adv. Algebra (A) (7th) Period:  @7-24aaamp
Supply Recommendation:  
     *** TI - 30XS Multiview Calculator
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