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Evans High School Automotive Technology

Evans high school automotive students will complete all online (LFH) assignments using the Electude website listed below:
All students will be assigned access information August 10th-14th
Dates Introduction to Automotive MLR Advanced Automotive AST/MAST
Safety working in the shop
Automotive safety signs Module
Auto safety signs Quiz Module
Safety Working in the Shop Module
Maint & Light Repair Pre-Test
Maint & Light Repair Post-test
8/31/20 - 9/4/20
Personal Protection Equipment Module
PPE Quiz Module
Vehicle Lift Safety Module
Vehicle Lift Safety Quiz Module
Wheel Suspension Intro Module
Wheel Suspension Quiz Module
Intro to Tires Module
Intro to Tires Quiz Module
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Important Dates
10/5/2020 Champions rally State Fair in Perry, Ga
11/15/2020 Workforce Alliance Competition Augusta, Ga
2/1/2021 Region 6 Skills USA Competition in Dublin, Ga
3/21/2021 Skills USA State Competition Atlanta, Ga