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EHS Student Parking Information

The parking permit is $20. Spaces will be sold on a “first come, first served” basis to seniors first, then juniors and sophomores. Students who have any outstanding fines to EHS will not receive a parking permit until all school fees have been paid. Each student’s account balance will be reviewed before a permit is issued.
If the spaces sell out, a waiting list will be established. A student on the waiting list may not park on campus! Freshmen are not permitted to park on campus.

The replacement cost for a parking tag is $5.00. All students parking in the main student parking lot must remove their vehicles from the parking area by 3:10 pm during the fall as this area is used for marching band practice. Students failing to comply may lose their parking privileges. The minimum parking suspension is 30 school days.
Parking permits will be sold online only
Step 1: Purchase your Parking Permit via Revtrak: https://ccboe.revtrak.net/high-schools/Evans-HS/Evans-HS-Parking-Permit/
Step 2: Complete the following form and submit all required documents through the secure link here: https://form.jotform.com/201885883788174
After payment and completion of the document form, permits may be picked up the first week of school (see Mrs. Pryor). If all documents are not uploaded, permits will not be issued.
Please note: Excessive student tardies and excessive student absences could result in revoking parking privileges.