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Welcome to my web page

What does an interrelated (co-teacher) do?
A co-teacher plans and teaches along with the teacher of record in the classroom.  He/she assesses student learning styles and implements strategies to help all students to reach mastery in the classroom. A co-teacher is also a case manager, who ensures that students' Individual Learning Plans (IEP's) are being followed via adapting/modifying curriculum to meet the needs of students with disabilities. 
A co-teacher also offers tutoring opportunities for students who learn better via small group or one-to-one instruction. (Students may also arrange a time for tutoring with me before or after school. My office is in Lab 246).
During class, you may see me working with a small group of students, delivering whole group instruction, giving assessments, or collecting and interpreting data for students' IEP goals.  I am also linked to my co-teachers' web pages and Google classrooms. 
Thank you for visiting, and I look forward to a great year at EHS!