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Mr. Michael Madden » Class Rules

Class Rules





Strikes given for:

  1. Academic Integrity on class assignments.
  2. Electronic devices.
  3. Disruptions.
  4. Out of assigned seat.
  5. Sleeping / appearance of sleeping in class
  6. Off task behavior (completed work must be displayed on your desk if there are more than 5 minutes left in class).
  7. Horseplay.
  8. Not following directions.
  9. Disrespectful to other students and / or staff.
  10. Mild profanity.



* consequences:

            - strikes 1-5: parent phone call

            - strikes 6-10: parent phone call and 1 day lunch detention.

            - strikes 11-15 and each set of 5 strikes after: parent phone call and 2 days lunch detention.


* If you can go a month without earning a strike for a rule, all that you have accumulated for that rule will be erased.


Leaving your seat:

*You may leave your seat any time before the last minute of class to:

1) get a calculator

2) turn in papers

3) sharpen your pencil

4) get tissue

5) throw away trash

6) use hole punch or stapler


*You must ask any other time.


*Stay seated the last minute of class unless you are at my desk talking to me.



Out of the class:

* No passes will be written to other teachers regardless of when their planning is unless it is in writing that they have asked to see you.

   If it’s important enough that you see that teacher, then it’s important enough to get a note from them ahead of time.

* You may go to the bathroom before the tardy bell if you let me know. Otherwise, no passes until at least 10 minutes after class has started.

* More than 5 bathroom passes in a month will result in a phone call home.


Tardy policy:

Tardy to class (1st – 5th):

  1. 1st – 3rd = warning
  2. 4th = 1 day lunch detention and parent phone call.
  3. 5th = 1 day lunch detention and parent phone call.


Excessive Tardiness (6+) – office referral:

  1. 6th = 2 days lunch detention
  2. 7 = Saturday School
  3. 8th plus = 1 day of ISS