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1.2 Virtual Machine Setup


We recommend you play the game using a virtual machine (it's like having a different computer running inside a window on your normal computer). You'll be able to play the early challenges without the virtual machine, but after a certain point it will become very difficult to progress unless you are using it!

There are two ways to get the virtual machine running, you can pick either VMWare Workstation Player or Virtualbox.

VMWare Workstation Player works on Windows and Linux, you can get it free from the VMWare website.

Virtualbox works on Windows, Linux and Mac and we recommend Mac users go for Virtualbox. You can get it free from the Virtualbox website.

Ultimately we recommend Windows and Linux users use VMWare Workstation Player, and Mac users use Virtualbox. The installation process for both is easy, it's just a double click installer.

Depending on which one you are using, skip over to the relevant chapter to find out how to start the virtual machine.

1.3 VMWare Setup

Once you have VMWare installed, you should download the virtual machine file, which can be found here:


VM last updated: 2019-01-14

Unzip the files into a place you'll remember, and then simply double click the file: cs_game.vmx. If you do not have file extensions visible in your file browser, it is the file with the icon of three white squares stacked over each other.

After double clicking it, the virtual machine should launch in VMWare Workstation Player. You'll see there will be a sidebar which the virtual machine has also been added to. In the future you won't need to find the '.vmx' file to launch the virtual machine, opening VMWare Player and selecting the virtual machine from the sidebar will be enough (as long as you don't delete the files from the computer).

You can then press the green 'play' button to boot the Virtual Machine. The login details are username: agent and password: agent. To turn off the virtual machine, just shut it down as if you were shutting down a normal computer. If your virtual machine has frozen or crashed, you can press CTRL + ALT to take back control of your mouse from the Virtual Machine and press the square 'stop' button.