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American Literature

Course Overview
The course focuses on historical events and how it shaped American Literature thus leading to American literature by and about people of diverse ethnic backgrounds and. Students will explore literary and informational text comparing, contrasting, analyzing, and critiquing story elements, ideas and writing styles.

Students will also explore universal themes shown through various mediums.
Students will write expository, analytical, and response essays that creates opportunity to analyze text and academically argue points based on a broad understanding of the literary and historical nature. They will use historical references and literary elements to create speeches and presentations, and they will have opportunities to collaborate with other students. Students will observe, listen critically, and respond appropriately to written and oral communication. Conventions are essential for reading, writing, and speaking and will occur within
those contexts and in isolation.

Students will understand and acquire new vocabulary and use it correctly in reading, writing, and speaking. The End of Course Test is also a required element of this course to meet the American Literature requirement for graduation
There will be independent and group reading projects in this course that are designed to allow students to choose and read novels based on interest, speak in front of and listen to their peers, and present artistic or technical savviness. The units and assignments in this course are designed to allow for differentiation and appropriate independency.


Remind Codes

4th American Literature- text 81010 and type drwood4th

5th American Literature- text 81010 and type drwood5th

7th American Literature- text 81010 and type drwood7th

Syllabus and Class Resources
Grading Policy


Category 1: 70%- Major Projects/Assignments, Tests, Essays 

Category 2: 30%- Classwork, Quizzes, Minor Assignments


-----Both nine weeks will be averaged and count 80% of your final semester grade.
-----A semester exam will count 20% of your final semester grade.


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